Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shunned By(e) The Sun

The sun is missing in action. No, seriously. It's gone. I have not seen it in 25 days ... and that was in St. Louis. I don't know how long it was absent here in Cleveland before that mini-trip. It is safe to say that it was days at a bare minimum. Perhaps weeks. It had been long enough that I remember flying above the clouds just as we began descending into Cleveland. I actually looked at the blue sky and whispered a subdued, "Goodbye." I knew it was going to be a while. Which means that it had been a while. My logic is good so don't question me!

Let's just go back to our original presupposition. The sun is missing in action.

And that makes me a cruel man. "How cruel does it make you" you ask? Glad you asked. I'll explain. Try to keep up.

I have bookmarked in my favorite places, web cams from around the country. A serious boatload of places. I am addicted to webcams. Call me nosy, curious, or anything you want but I do love me some web cams. Here is a partial list of my favorites ...

-Niagara Falls
-Seattle's "Space Needle"
-Sears Tower
-Wrigley Field
-The shipping port on Lake Superior in Duluth, Mn.
-The "Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem
-The Great Pyramids in Egypt
-The 3 mile marker on I-270 (why? why not?)
-The Alamo (Remember? The alamo?)
-Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas (where JFK was assassinated)
-Times Square
-Mt. St. Helens
-The U.S. Capital
-The Eisenhower Tunnel under the Continental Divide in Colorado

I think you get the idea. We are talking web cam mania here.

And lately I have been using my web cam addiction to make myself feel better. You know, about the missing sun. I click on a web cam and silently pray ... this is hard to admit ... I silently pray ... (sigh) give me a second to compose myself here ...

Okay, I silently pray that IT IS CLOUDY EVERYWHERE!

I feel so much better now that I got it out. Thank you for listening.

You see, I don't want to be sun deprived all by myself. If I am miserable then the rest of the world should be miserable too. If I am pasty white then you should be pasty white.

Isn't that awful? And yet, to paraphrase an old song ... "If de-sunning you is wrong I don't wanna be right!"

God, forgive me.


jamie said...

Well, I'm pasty white - but that's just a fact of life for me sun or not. They say lack of sunshine can really drive you crazy. I guess if you're already near the edge...just kiddin :)

Mike is also a fan of different webcams, mostly for traffic on 270, but his current method of stalking is GoogleEarth. It's kind of freaky what is really out there.

Hope you see the sun soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, St. Louis has sun today! I'm not saying this to rub it in; I'm telling you in hopes that it's heading your way!


Jen said...

I loved this post. Where do you find these webcam sites? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Well, except I'm in the opposite position kind of. I want to watch places that are getting snow and look cold. I miss it oh so much.

Doug said...

Check out the webcam for Pantheon in Rome. Inspiring to see the sun there when it's not here.

Amy said...

Anytime you need to be assured of company in your sun-deprived misery, check us out here in Stockholm: