Saturday, February 02, 2008

Buy my house

That's all. Buy my house. Pretty please.

Thank you.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sticking With The "S" Towns

Now I know why it is taking Jesus so long to come back for His bride. Not even He could get through security without a hassle.

Cleveland airport. One more time. Flying home to get my bride. She's ready. She's packed. She's quit her job. The car is full of gas. My flight leaves (theoretically) in fifty minutes. Of course, it's snowing in St. Louis. Heavily. I just looked at the jets outside the window and they all have 3 sets of landing gear. I have no idea how long the runway is. But it occurs to me that the jet I leave Cleveland in might just decide to put down in ... oh ... Memphis or some city like that. No way I could luck out and get diverted to San Diego or Seattle. (I'm trying really hard to stick with cities that begin with "S" so as not to presume I could even possibly wind up in ... Joplin. *Shudder*)

I am being the responsible husband. I won't let Debbie drive from St. Louis to Cleveland in my rear wheel drive Mustang without me. God has assigned me the task of being protector and defender. So it's time to take to the air.

No snow. No snow. No snow. No snow ...

San Diego. San Diego. San Diego ...

Choose one of the above and stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

T - 1 ... and counting

One more day. We can do this. After one more day passes I'll be flying to St. Louis, meeting Debbie, and after 24 hours she and I will be leaving town in Emma the Mustang. T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R. Finally. At long last. My quaint (I'm being kind) little apartment is about to take on new life. My awesome bride is moving in with me again. I cannot wait.

I was looking at my calendar yesterday and noticed something interesting. I moved on November 4th, 2007. I'll fly back to get her on January 31. That is 88 days. But along the way God blessed us beyond anything we dreamed of. During those 88 days Debbie and I were able to spend at least part of 44 of them together. That is 50%. Half. Honestly, it doesn't feel that way because it wasn't like ... every other day. The days came in clumps. But still. How remarkable is that? How good our God has been to us!

And so I've cleaned and arranged and grocery shopped and have everything as ready as I can make it. Because my bride is coming home. I know it is really hard on her right now. This is a tough week full of "good bye's" and "I've enjoyed working with you for 15 years" kind of conversations. I wish I could take the pain of that away for her. I went through it. I go through it every time I go back to St. Louis for a few days. Leaving is so hard. But yes, the first time is the hardest. And so I want to be there for her. And I want God to pave the way for her. But it is going to hurt. You don't live somewhere for 25 years and walk away without feeling something.

But the future is here in this place. And I am so glad. The people are wonderful. The church God has blessed us with is going to GROW. I can see it beginning. And I cannot wait to see what His plans really are.

T minus 1 day. My bride is coming home.


Monday, January 28, 2008

A stunted blog

I have noticed lately that all of my blogging friends write very short blogs. I tend to write very long blogs. Perhaps I just talk too much. Or I have more to say than they do (which makes me smarter.) But, most likely, I just like to write more than they do.

Tonight ... a short blog.

If you have not gone to our churches new web site yet ... do. You will find it at It's pretty good for being less than one week old. Kudo's to Tim and Pam for doing such a great job. I just provide the content and they provide the talent and the flash.

That's it. That's my blog.

Say goodnight, Gracie.

Goodnight, Gracie. (If you are too young to understand that ... google it.)

p.s. Here's tonight Lake Erie "ice update."