Thursday, May 22, 2008

We aren't home yet

I wonder why disaster keeps striking in such enormous ways. Earthquakes. Cyclones. Tornados. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. People are dying by the tens of thousands. Why?

(We aren't home yet.)

Life is going whack-o. Gas is $4.00 a gallon. Airlines are cutting service. Truckers are in deep trouble. What's going on?

(We aren't home yet.)

My almost daughter-in-law is having surgery tomorrow. I'm concerned about her. Why does someone so wonderful have to suffer?

(We aren't home yet.)

My sister-in-law is still recovering from a very long illness. She's doing well but not even close to being back to normal yet. Why does healing take so long?

(We aren't home yet.)

I visited a woman in the hospital today who has been knocking on deaths door. Her predominate and repeated statement was, "Bless His holy Name." Why does she have to linger when she wants to see Jesus?

(We aren't home yet.)

The more I ask God what to do about a particular situation the less certain I am concerning His will. Why can't I hear and understand more clearly?

(We aren't home yet.)

I miss my kids, my granddaughter, and my closest friends beyond all ability to put into words. Why does God sometimes require us to be far away from those we love?

(We aren't home yet.)

Living in a one room apartment with sterilite furniture for seven months is not my idea of fun and tonight I found out that the new real estate agency I just contracted with to sell my home has already lost my paperwork. Tomorrow I have to reprint, resign, and refax it all. For the third time. What's the deal with that?

(We aren't home yet.)

My wife and I were eating lunch today at a restaurant in Cleveland. A man came and stood over us and asked if we had ordered the chili fries. (Clue: they were sitting on the table between us.) We said yes and then he told us what he had ordered. He was obviously very, very lonely. Why do people have to be lonely in the midst of 2.5 million people?

(We aren't home yet.)

I was sitting on a concrete wall along the lakeshore tonight watching the waves roll in and the ships roll out when a friend called. He was sitting on a lawn chair near his home watching the traffic go by and breathing fresh air. We had both been thinking of the other. We are connected by the same Spirit. Why does that Spirit draw us together while keeping us at such a great distance?

(We aren't home yet.)

After my friend and I hung up I asked God "Why?" And I heard Him. He said ... "we aren't home yet. But when we get there? When we get there it will all make sense. And it will all be fixed."

He promised. And He asked me to remind you.


WowsRose said...

Thank you for this post. So true and comforting in a way.

Can you come back to St. Louis? I'd love for you to be my pastor. LOL


Kathy said...

beautiful post. Thank you.

I work with Children's Services. I was wondering the same things last night after a bad day.

Why do some kids have all their parents' love and why do some kids have to fight for the little they get.

From the outside, they are all beautiful. Big eyes, soft skin, innocent smiles, but inside some have more hurts and understanding than adults.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you want to leave Cleveland. Projection, maybe?

Ron said...

Simply homesick for "Home." You know ... the one where Jesus lives! LIfe requires us to be transient and there is something in the human spirit that longs for permanence ... home. Being with Jesus. God told us over and over in His Word that we are "aliens" that are merely passing through.

HOME ... will be great!

Shannon said...

You brought tears to my eyes . . . again.