Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do you suppose...

Do you suppose Jesus ever wished He had been born 2,000 years later? LIke maybe for the pizza?
Do you suppose the name "American Idol" bothers God?
Do you suppose Moses would wet himself if I could take him for a ride in my Mustang "top down?"
Do you suppose Noah had to put fish on board too?
Do you suppose my new book on "Facebook Evangelism" will make any money?
Do you suppose God ever messes with our heads "just 'cause He can?" (I would if I were Him.)
Do you suppose Uriah kicked David's butt when they met up in heaven? And if so, who did Bathsheeba cheer for?
Do you suppose God snickered when He thought up circumcision? 'Cause, honestly, it's not all that funny.
Do you suppose God made the world "middle aged" just to throw us off track with built in fossils?
Do you suppose I'd get more sleep if I'd stop getting up to blog after Debbie dozes off?


Anonymous said...

You may not believe this but, regarding God making a "middle aged" earth... I was just thinking the same thing as I was driving to work yesterday. Some things just get prettier as time goes by... don't you think the Master Creator knew that and created some "old" things for us to enjoy?

And I've also wondered about the American Idol name. When the show first started in the U.S., I fully expected a full on protest by some people based on it's name alone. But as far as I know, it didn't happen.

--Denise (too lazy to log in, again)

Kathy G said...

I think it would be funny to see Moses speeding along in a car...robe flapping in the breeze and beard wrapped around his ears!