Saturday, January 04, 2003

I know this isn't much of a blog but it's is my random thoughts of the day...

1. Thank God the holiday's are over. I'm thinking that God probably agrees.
2. Tonight I sat in a friends outdoor jacuzzi. We got out and rolled in the snow before jumping back in. I've heard that they do that in Sweden. This proves what I've long suspected. Swedes are idiots.
3. Speaking of Swedes, I actually met a member of the Swedish Parlament last week. He tried to tell me a joke but was not successful. I think he rolls in the snow a lot.
4. Last month I had my dog put to sleep and one week from today I will give my daughter away. They charged me to kill my dog for me. They are charging me for the privilege of giving my daughter away. I thought "sleeping" and "giving" were free? This "free market society" thing is out of whack. Big time.
5. They called school off here for Thursday before a snow flake had fallen. They called school off for Friday when you couldn't find a snow covered road to save your life. I believe that these decisons are being made by the Swedish Parlament. When I was in high school I was listening to the school closings on the radio and they announced that the principal of my school, "Lincoln-Way," was snowed in his home and could not get out and, therefore, school would start 2 hours later than usual. Men were men. Women were women. Snow was for shoveling, not fearing.
6. I wish people would stop talking about the Rams like they just had a bad year and they will be back. They stink again. Get over it.
7. My left front tire has a slow leak. How does that work? What decides if a leak will be fast or slow? Is the air tired? I mean, a hole is a hole. How big of a hole does it take for air to get through. Not a big one I would imagine. You would think if it just did it's job it would leak fast... like an air matteress at 3am. They never leak slowly.
8. My brother lost his cell phone today. He works for the Salvation Army. He was getting some sandwiches for a hungry Mexican guy. While he was in the kitchen getting them the hungry Mexican guy stole his phone. I wonder if he used it to order up a pizza?
9. Now that Chrysler has stopped making 15 passanger vans it is going to take us 22 mini-vans to get to Centrifuge this year. I find that fascinating. God has to find me 22 people willing to drive them or I need a lot of rope.
10. Like I said, I'm marrying off my daughter one week from today. How cool is that? All of these years she's slept at my house and now I can't even find her. We went from father/daughter to "hey, how ya doin?" in about 10 days. It's the cycle of life. While I approve I can't help but wonder why it is that the people I like best are always leaving and the people I can't stand the site of just always seem to be around? It is a far bigger mystery than crop circles and yet I don't think anybody has done a documentary on it. It's a pulitzer waiting to be claimed.