Monday, February 25, 2008

Three of the best people on the planet

Debbie and I are leading a bible study on Monday nights at our apartment building. After three weeks ZERO apartment dwellers have shown up. However we have had a fairly decent turn-out of church members. Our topic is "Raising Kids God's Way." It's amazing to listen to these parents of young kids talk about the stresses and trials of raising them. I have constant flash backs. I remember those tough decisions and difficult days of trying to turn Kelli, Scott, and Christopher into "independently dependent followers of Jesus." There were times I wondered if they (we) would make it. But not really. I mean, not in a major way. Over all they were a delight to raise. Never did I consider burying everything but their heads in the backyard and then spreading honey in their hair so that the ants would attack. (So don't ask me why I even thought of that. Really. It never entered my mind.)

I just talked to Christopher for about 45 minutes. He was driving home from work and decided to spend the time talking to his mom and dad. Can I just stop here for a minute and say ... wow. He could have had the stereo blasting in his Mustang. He could have called his lovely fiancee. He could have enjoyed the silence after a long day at work. But no. He chose to call his parents and check in. Do you know how that makes a parent feel? It makes us feel great. Like we really did some things right during those wonderful years of watching them grow into full fledged adults. Truth is, I talk to all of my kids at least every other day. Okay, sometimes I miss that goal. But not often. Talking to them is one of my favorite hobbies.

It's tough living away from these wonderful people. I knew when God relocated us to the Cleveland suburbs that this would be the hard part. And it is. But there is so much joy in knowing that there are 3 young adults out there that God blessed us with. I have no fears about how they will spend their tomorrows. All 3 of them fell in love with wonderful mates (or in Christopher's case, "almost mate.") This is what satisfaction feels like. It is a good feeling. It is one to sit back and enjoy. There was a day I worried about them if Debbie and I just went out to a movie, leaving them at home. But now? Now I know that they are world changers. They change the world for the better. And it isn't really something that should be charged to our credit. It is further evidence of the goodness of God.

Next week Christopher, Scott and I will be taking one last "single guy trip." Christopher will be getting married in October. Before Scott's wedding he and I went to a Yankee's game and an Orioles game. It was awesome. Christopher couldn't go because he was working "Centrifuge." He was busy telling teens about Jesus. But this trip will find all 3 of us skiing the Rockies. And I can't wait. When I took them skiing the first few times I could literally ski circles around them. No longer. They will make me look really sick. And you know what? I'll love every minute of it.

Kelli, Scott, Christopher (in that order in the pictures above) ... I love you. Thanks for making this dad a very proud and satisfied man.


Kelli said...

awww...thanks dad! not to be a whinner, but couldn't you have found a picture where I'm not doing the "white man's overbite???"

Ron said...

Aww, Kel I actually think it is more of a "pensive" look. You are in deep thought contemplating the care of your child.

Orrr... could be the white mans overbite (which I have NEVER heard of and since I'm a white man you would have thought it might have been brought to my attention.!)

Jan said...

Since a "white man's overbite" is only that if done *while dancing*, I vote for the "pensive look of contemplating weighty parental responsibility". That or you're trying to figure out what to order.

Ron said...

But can a woman have a white MANS overbite?

Scott said...

Really? That is the best picture you have of your children. I thought the blog was about loving us. What about loving us in photo form?

Oh, and Love you too!
I can't wait to Ski you into the ground...or snow...sense we won't be seeing the ground.