Monday, October 20, 2008

Facts That I've Noticed Lately

- I sleep less than 200 feet from death. It's not that I'm so brave. (Though I am EXTREMELY brave.) It's that Lake Erie's murky depths encroach on the shoreline of America right outside my bedroom. And I don't swim. At all. Therefore I sleep near death each and every night.

- I left town for 8 days and the top of my mustang (a convertible) started growing mold. MOLD! I swear the elements are against me!

- Debbie made a dinner tonight that would have made the chef at "Hell's Kitchen" weep with gratitude. And i was the recipient of this gift. I married good.

- Our little one bedroom apartment never gets dusty. Why, you ask? I don't know. Perhaps there is no dust in Ohio. Perhaps it was the kids all along that created dust and injected it into our world. I have lived here for 50 weeks and I have never dusted. Not once. Of course I can't find any of my stuff under that gray powdery stuff ... (joke) Seriously. No dust.

- I am two weeks from my first anniversary in Cleveland. And I am SO "high fiveing" myself ...

- If there were a "Daniel Dingeldien Fan Club" I would join it in a heartbeat. Danny ... if you read this ... thanks for being my friend. (Geez, I hope I spelled his name right...)


tonguectsparrow7 said...

Good luck sleeping so close to death. please do be careful!
And sorry about your moldy mustang that is almost worthy of tears.
Mustangs are my favorite cars btw.
Your lack of dust is a little unsettling considering i know there is dust here in Ohio.

And I am in fact the whitney you think I am, if you meant the one at your church. I am so excited baout my decision talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

i would like to move my family into your dustless apartment. is there room for us? i don't dust.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your apartment is like heaven. I'm convinced that one of the many nice things about heaven will be the lack of the need to dust. And iron.

Ron said...

No, Jan. No. My apartment is most certainly not heaven. You can't even see it from here. I think maybe the water outside sucks the dust from inside. I suppose that is poor reasoning but I'm clueless.

Anonymous said...

Well I said that maybe your apartment is *like* heaven (in the lack of a chore that I dislike). I didn't think it really *was* heaven. I'm thinking that I will not confuse heaven with anything I've ever seen here on earth. :D

Perhaps the lack of dust is due to Debbie doing the dusting when you aren't looking? :D

Ron said...

Debbie? Dust?

Prudence requires that I agree. Yes, indeed. It slipped right past me!