Sunday, January 03, 2010

K-K-K-Katie is C-C-C-Coming!

Katie is coming! That's right, my soon-to-be "corn rowed" niece (don't ask) is coming to town this Friday and will remain until the next Wednesday. And I am SO pumped! I love Katie because she's... she's ... insane. The last time she was in town I got her addicted to Vanilla Coke. Her life has not been the same since. Life in Milwaukee maybe a vanilla existence but it isn't generally added to Coke products and so I have promised to provide her with a vanilla IV while she's here.

Kate is a student at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She's Debbie's sisters daughter. That explains a lot. She grew up wearing lederhausen (I tried to spell that 6 times so if it's wrong just get over it) and dancing to German tunes with her parents and her sister, The Amazing Teresa. I'm not sure why but I suppose it's because her last name is Voitek which is most certainly German.

Katie gave me a tour of her dorm room at UW a few years ago. It was shortly after that that I gave up cleaning all together. I figure if she can get away with it then so can I. We toured the Joan of Arc Chapel together on her campus and managed to wrangle a special tour out of the resident Joan of Arc Guru. Very cool. Surprisingly, Katie is much taller than Joan was. And yet Katie has never won a war. Such a waste.

(By the way, that's not Joan of Arc she's hugging. I think it's Bret Favre.)

I have no idea how we are are going to spend the time. We'll be sharing her with Jim and Alisha, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. But I'm the only one who sings to her "K-K-K-Katie! Beautiful, K-K-K-Katie! You're the only G-G-G-Girl that I adore! When the M-M-M-Moon shines ... over the C-C-C-Cow shed ... I'll be waiting at the K-K-K-Kitchen door!" So I'm absolutely certain I'm her favorite. How can you beat Vanilla Coke and cow sheds? Can't be done!


jimmah said...

i am not sure where that song came from... but i do know that the joan of arc chapel is at marquette, not uwm.
i just thought that you would want to hear from me rather than the hoards of joan of arc fanatics online.

Ron said...

Good point, Jimmah! But if I fix it then your comment will have no meaning. So I'll leave my error to mislead the masses!

misskate88 said...

1. I am soooooooo very excited to be down there!
2. you did spell it wrong, translated into english you said i grew up wearing leather houses, however it was a very great effort!
3. you also spelled theresa's name wrong, which is definitely a signal to me you love me more.
4. i am not insane, i believe the term they use is "chemically inbalanced"
5. i haven't won a war YET. yet being the main word...i'm working on it.
6. That is your song and yours alone and you ARE my favorite uncle through marriage on my mom's side! :)
7. I got an email from southwest telling me my trip is just around the corner and i did a little dance of excitement!
and wow. i am extremely good looking in both those pictures....and i am waaay to handsy with non-living objects!