Friday, November 01, 2002

10 Major Pet Peeves To Really Tick Me off (Part I... Personal life)

1. Drive my car and leave it on your radio station with the volume cranked. (hacked off level - 6)
2. Play one of my CD's and leave it out of the cover and laying around when you are done. (hacked off level - 9)
3. Finish all of the orange juice except for a teaspoonful and leave that in the refrigerator as though you were thinking of others. (hacked off level - 7)
4. Give out my cell phone number (if I gave it to you I did so as a sacred trust!) (hacked off level - 10)
5. Leave chapstick in your clothes pocket when you put it in the dryer. (hacked off level - 10+)
6. Leave the house without turning off the TV or closing and locking the doors. (hacked off level - 9)
7. Use my laptop without asking. (hacked off level - 10)
8. Take a nap on my pillow. (hacked off level - 8)
9. Let Bear out and forget about letting him back in. (hacked off level - me: 7, Bear: 10+)
10. Stack garbage next to or behind the garbage can because it is full. (hacked off level - 9)