Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Score

-Six days.
-One thousand six hundred seventy nine miles
-Seven hundred sixteen million, three hundred and seventy three thousand, three hundred and thirty four white lines. (Based upon six foot lines and six foot spaces between each line. A mere guess on my part.)
-Twenty three confirmed mosquito bites.
-Zero "Sand Dollars" found by me.
-Untold hundreds of "Sand Dollars" found by everyone else.
-Four new cases of "Tahitian Treat." (Piggly Wiggly rocks!)
-One repaired tooth.
-One bottle of Tylenol (24 count.)
-One replaced cell phone.
-35.9 miles per gallon.
-One aircraft carrier. (Vintage and retired.)
-One cruise ship. (Viewed. Not cruised.)
-A new appreciation for the north.
-One happily married couple.


jimbarnard said...

does that mean you are happily married? or the newliweds are the happily married couple... you've got some explaining to do.

jimbarnard said...

was it the cobalt? it has broken up plenty of marriages. lucky for you it was a rental!

Ron said...

Jim, why are you trying to destroy my marriage so early in the day? I usually wait until at least noon before I get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

you and your daughter are lagging in the blog interestingness lately...I expect better.

Ron said...

Well, perhaps you should start a little more simply. I would recommend the "Curious George" series. If that proves to difficult you might back-up to "Dora the Explorer." I am sure you'll feel right at home.