Monday, June 16, 2008

Score one for the little guy!

Cars have feelings too. I mean really. Emma the Mustang isn’t any different. We’ve developed this relationship over the 6 years of her life. It’s quite special. You might even say intimate. She shares her deepest needs with me. Her thirst for fuel. Her desire for frequent oil changes. An occasional bath. I meet her needs. In turn she takes me places. We go up and down the highways (always abiding by the speed limits and other rules of the road.) That’s all I need from her. I nice sunny day, cool temperatures, and a casual ride. The relationship works for us.

And so we look out for each other. That’s what brought us to last Saturday night. Debbie and I had been out of town. Emma stayed in our apartment buildings parking lot while the Trail Blazer did the dirty work. Shortly after we got back a survey of the fridge showed us of our imminent need for a grocery store. We fired up Emma and drove to “Giant Eagle.” We pushed our little chrome cart up and down the aisles, grabbing the needed ingredients to keep our tummies from rumbling. We went to the cashier, paid our bill, and exited to the parking lot.

My breath became ragged as I saw the car BESIDE Emma. It was a 1970’s vintage Mustang Cobra. Black. Her hood indicated that she sported a 351 cubic inch engine. Ouch. I could only imagine how that made Emma feel.

“Why, why, why does a guy have to park a car like that next to Emma?!” I asked Debbie. She began loading the groceries into the trunk while I secretly wiped the drool from my chin.

And then the owner showed up. He was this studly 40ish kind of guy with a small bag and a big key. “Oh man, did you HAVE to park there?” I asked him.

He laughed and said, “Hey, they are both Mustangs.”

Sure. I patted myself on the back while making a mental note that Emma is a convertible while this beast of a Cobra would always remain hot on those brutal summer days. I watched the owner slide into his car and put the key into the ignition. I braced myself for the rumble to come.




The Cobra’s owner looked up at me. I busted up. I am soooo sorry but I just could not help it. I was doubled over Emma’s spoiler when the guy said, “Well, at least I’ve got jumper cables.” I told him that Emma and I would be happy to help him out… providing he wouldn’t mind my capturing the moment on the camcorder of my cell phone. The rest is history.

Score one for the little guy.


Kristi said...

ha! that was the bEST!! i LOVE IT!

Ron said...

The guy owns 6 Mustangs. The one in the video gets 6 MPG. That's "SIX." He use to work on a pit crew for ... uh ... I think he said Bobby Allison. Serves him right.

Gregg said...

At least his MPG wasn't yet GPM. That's when your engine is too big.