Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dump The Slump

You ever been in a slump?  One of those major league just can't shake it kind of funks where no matter what you do or what you try when you come out the other end your are still "slumped."  Well, I'm in one.  And I've been wrestling with it for a couple of months now.  Or maybe for a lot of months.  It isn't a lack of love for God or a disdain for people.  Nobody has wronged me, neglected me, or called me names.  I've just done what we all do at occasional points in our life ... I've wandered in to a  bit of a barren place.

And I'm tired of it.

So I am going to take responsibility to get out of it.

I've tried listening to more encouraging sermons and reading books of joy and inspiration.  They just gave me a head ache or made my eyes tired.  God did not work there.  I tried holding myself to a more rigid schedule of responsibility and righteousness.  And now I'm tired of being rigid and responsible.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I am tired of being responsible.  My dad use to take me out in one of his cars (dad knew how to tell a classic when they first came off the line and that was the car he bought.  57 Chevy.  64 Impala SS.  Those were the earliest I remember.)  And sometimes on a hilly highway outside of our suburban enclave he would press the pedal down really hard because ... "son, sometimes you have to burn the carbon out."  I always thought that was true.  Now I know dad was just fighting off a slump in the way he knew how.  My dad was not a spiritual giant but I think maybe he was on to something here.

So I'm going to blow the carbon out.

And I'm going to make myself accountable to myself by posting it right here.  For the next thirty days starting today I am going go on a "Love 'Em All" bender.  Each day I'm going to find a way to love somebody in a way they don't expect or I am going to treat every person I come across as though I have an opportunity to restore and encourage them.  Then I am going to write about it (keeping them anonymous) right here.  NOT for bragging purposes or to inflate my own sense or importance, righteousness, or worth.  I am already worth the life of Jesus to my Heavenly Father so there is no need to do that.  I'm doing it because a slump is a lot like a grave and I don't want to be in one yet.  And I"m writing about it here because if I fail I will do it publicly ... and that thought will force me to go at this full-throttle.  And who knows ... maybe you need to join me on this 30 day journey.  Consider this your invitation to come along.  Let's see what God has planned and how much damage we can do our enemy while illuminating the Kingdom of God on earth.

I'm 57 and someday I'm going to reverse that and be 75.  But I think I want to do some more living first ...