Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love 'Em All ... (day 2) A Prayer Of Faith

Today I got to love someone in a most unexpected way.  Those are the best moments in life.  You feel the passion rise up in you and you can't help but give your all to a person in need.

Today's moment of "loving 'em all" took place on the telephone.  No face contact ... just the raw voice of a mom hurting for her young daughter.  A daughter who had made bad choices and was paying a steep price.  She finds herself incarcerated ... held against her will.  But it is ultimately for her own good and the good of those around her.  Unless you have had the awful experience of watching one of your own children pay difficult and painful consequences for their actions you will not understand.  This mother's pain ran deep.  Her tears flowed freely.  Her sobs came in uncontrolled rolls.

My job was a job of encouragement.  I had the honor of walking with her as we reviewed the possibilities of how her child's actions COULD have ended.  Compared to some of those, the reality she was experiencing was tame.  For thirty minutes we talked, she cried, we both bled.  And then came the sacred moment.  I had the honor of praying for this mother, her daughter, and their family.  I made it a prayer of asking and a prayer of faith.  I held mom up.  I held dad up.  I held the young lady up.  I held up those who were trying to get her to see truth.  And then we worshipped ... simply thanking God for not dropping us when things get difficult.  When the prayers ended, so did the tears.  There was momentary peace.

I hope it lasts.

You don't need to know my friend to pray.  Please do.


The Dashboard Poet said...

I will. I did.