Monday, May 12, 2008

Like a cruise ship without the cruise. Or the ship.

I swore off "lake pictures" a few months back. But, darn it, it got so pretty this afternoon that I just had to go stand on the balcony and stare. I mean, come on. Sometimes it's just ridiculously beautiful. From the port hole ... I mean the balcony window ... you can see currents in the lake, swirls of water going in different directions. The colors take on a hue of their own in these areas and you can't help but being spell bound by them. I'm hoping it will be as spell binding next month when we move into a one bedroom apartment (we are moving into a one bedroom apartment!!!!!) on the 3rd floor as it is from this 300 sq. foot cell on the 9th.

Sitting on the bed and staring out the window gives you a view that will not allow you to see any of the grass or the pool area between the apartment building and the lake. It's got the view of a cruise ship. A cruise ship that isn't really a ship. And it isn't really moving. And it's on a huge lake and not the ocean. And it isn't nearly as deep as the real sea. And their aren't hurricanes, octopus, sharks, or submarines.

See what I mean? Just like a cruise ship. Oh. And there are no ice bergs, reefs, tides, or huge sandy beaches. See? Just like a cruise ship...


Spamalot said...

There is a submarine on the lake in downtown Cleveland. Yes, it is a museum but technically it is on the lake. If you think the lake is beautiful now just wait until summer!

Do you know when are they having shuffle board on the Lido deck????

See you at the dart board!

Ron said...

Pamalot! You play darts? I hadn't noticed. :)