Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Day

So today is mother's day. And that is a very big deal. The most giving, loving and devoted people that I know are mom's. Seriously. My mom was lovingly devoted to giving me grief! (Okay, that was a joke. So smile and get over it!)

But the best mom I've ever known is my wife. Today was the first mother's day she has ever experienced without seeing her kids "face to face." And I say "face to face" because, thanks to hi-technology, she did see all three of them. We spent about 45 minutes video-chatting with them tonight, along with our son-in-law and daughter-in-law. No, it's not the same. You can't smell the food you are sharing or get the hugs that accompany the day. But it is far better than just talking on the phone and trying to imagine what they look like today. True, my family is insane. And I mean that in a very good way. When we are together the place never lacks for laughter. It also never lacks for commitment, love, and caring. You see, I have the best family dwelling on the planet. You know why?

Because of her. My wife. She's the reason.

I watched her nurture our daughter, Kelli. As our first born she got all of the theories and experiments tried on her. And now? Now she's a mom just like her own mom. She reflects her mother's competence and wisdom. No, she never baked me much with her e-z bake oven (I still grieve this, Kelli) but she caught the wonderful traits of her mom. Things like caring, nurturing, and selfless devotion. The love she exudes to her husband and daughter was learned at the knee of her mom.

Scott? "Mr. Strong Will." And Debbie was quick enough to pick it off and to realize that this often difficult personality trait would serve him well in later years. Once he decided what he believed in NOTHING would sway him from following its path. Today he serves His God ... our God ... with passion and fervor. Couldn't possibly be more proud of him. And where was he nurtured into the young man that he is? At his mom's knee. It's just true. I'm not exaggerating.

Chris? Wow. He loved to throw challenges at us. They began when he had hearing difficulties early in his childhood. That made it difficult for him to speak. So what did Debbie do? She ignored the advice of many experts and taught him sign-language. It was invaluable to him throughout those years until things cleared up for him. Yes, we spent the first 5 years of his life teaching him to talk. We are still telling him to shut up! (Just kidding, Christopher!) He is a man who loves God, loves his fiancee, loves his family. We are amazingly proud of him. And why did he turn out like he has? Because of the love and commitment of his mom. And I'm dead serious.

You see, I could write all sorts of tributes to my wife. They are deserved. But honestly, there is just no need for me to do that. Her tributes live and breath. They walk and talk. They serve and they care. Her tributes are her children. Nothing ... NOTHING ... speaks more loudly than that.

I love you, Debbie. Thanks for letting me be part of your life.