Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Things That Define A Life

I've been thinking about life and time and stuff. I suppose it has something to do with packing (again) and preparing for a major, life changing move (again.) I keep walking to my balcony and looking out at Lake Erie. I think I am going to miss it. I know I'll never have a view like this from my bed again. Not until heaven anyway. (Will we have beds in heaven????) Today it's frozen for a couple hundred yards and then open water with the exception of mini-icebergs that float slowly by on route to their imminent death at Niagara Falls. Two days ago it was white for as far as the eye can see. After nearly fifteen months I still have not gotten use to this behemoth of a lake.

That started me thinking. (This is usually where the trouble begins.) What items do I have ... things I have accumulated ... that define my life? Some of them are in boxes scattered about my apartment. Some are stored away in "a secure location." Some are sentimental and some are practical. I'm not nearly as difficult to define as I would like. You'll see what I mean if you read "the short list."

Things that define my life (aka: my identity) in no particular order ...

1. "Tess the Laptop." We are close. I mean CLOSE. Everything I've ever known or written is stored in her cyber-brain.
2. Three wedding rings. True, I've only been married once but enlarged knuckles necessitated a changing of rings. One is on my finger. One hangs around my neck with my dad's WWII dog tag. And one is my dad's. All of those items are precious beyond any dollar amount.
3. My bricks. One from "Old Comiskey Park" and one is an original part of the Wrigley Field wall. I have derived great pleasure from "my teams." So I'll add my autographed Ferguson Jenkins jersey. Priceless.
4. My "smart phone." It's smarter than i am but that's not much of a trick. The reason it defines me is because it allows me to communicate with those I love.
5. Emma the Mustang. If you know her the reason is obvious.
6. The pictures that have, and will, adorn my office walls.
7. Sweats and my favorite New Balance sneakers that don't have backs in them. They are the epitome of ... relaxed.
8. Airplane tickets. If you have known me for the past year you totally understand.
9. Music. I can't make it, sing it, or usually even name it. But the stuff on my ipod keeps me sane. It stays on "shuffle."
10. Ray-ban wrap around, prescription, bifocal sunglasses. (Yes I did.)

There is more but you've taken enough of a beating for one night.