Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I believe in life. I'm "for" it. I'm "pro" it. And I plan on hanging on for every day I can squeeze out of this ride. You need to know that before you read another word. Have you got it? Life is good and I plan on continuing it as long as possible? Got it? Good.

God whispered two nights ago and it woke me up. It has been a while since He's done that. I believe that God often speaks the most clearly at night because that is when our hearts and our minds are the most quiet. At least that is how it seems to work in my life.

If you've been paying attention (and I do not blame you if you have not) my middle name lately has been "Funeral." I think I've conducted or attended 5 in the last 2 months. Therefore it is not surprising that life and death have been on my mind. Lose a couple of friends and write a few funeral eulogies and you will understand a little more profoundly. When you stand behind a podium that is half hidden by a casket you look for things to say that will give meaning to the life of the deceased and hope to the lives of those left behind. You say things like, "He lived life to the fullest, giving everything he had to everyone he loved because life is precious." Or perhaps, "Though she is gone she would want you to continue on living life and loving one another because life is precious." True enough. And I stand behind every word.

And then God whispered.

His whisper did not change my belief in the aforementioned statements or in my "precious life" attitude. But it made me think. When God whispers it usually does that. His Words were few and they come directly from the Bible. He simply whispered Psalm 116: 15. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints"

Death. Precious. Precious death. Really? God looks at the death of His children and to Him it is precious?

You betcha it is.

Every now and then one of my kids comes to visit. I count "my kids" as being my blood kids as well as my kids-in-law. And my grandkids too. They are all "my kids." (I'm thrilled that their inlaws treat my kids as their kids too. We are all equal opportunity parents.) When I know that my kids are coming I start praying. They may be coming from a suburb not far from mine or they may be coming from the distant reaches of suburban Chicago. Either way I pray because I want them to arrive safely. Though they have never lived in the house I reside in right now, in my mind they are coming home. My house is their house. My home, their home. And I want them there as much as possible. When they arrive it is, well, precious. Golden. Beyond special.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Could it be that God looks at me as one of His kids? And, if so, could it be that He longs for me to get Home safely? Even though I have never lived there? Furthermore, is it just possible that He stands by patiently waiting for the day when I will get home because to Him that moment will be ... precious?

Yes. Yes. And yes a third time. I am a bit slow in spirit right now because of the loss of some friends. My energy level is sagging a bit. I'm tired of burying bodies. But I've never buried a friend because my friends had shed their earthly "tent" in favor of making a precious entrance at "Home." I may have temporarily lost them but my Father has got some of His kids home at long last. To Him it is precious.

He woke me up two nights ago to remind me. And I am really glad that He did. And I wanted to remind you. Because you need to understand what death is to a child of God. It is deeply, profoundly ... precious.