Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kissin The Horse

There is nothing in the world quite like the smell of a good horse barn in the spring! The horse hair ... the saddle leather ... the hay ... the ... well, you know. That other stuff. Mmmmmmm. Tonight I feel a little bit like Roy Rogers. I don't really have anything important to say but I'd like to encourage you to get out there and kiss the horse of your choice! This beauty belongs to the Hancock family. We only shared a few precious moments and yet ... it was as though our souls blended. We whinnied together!

Watching my son's youth group serve the poor in the inner city. Hockey on the glass. My daughter-in-law's birthday. Supper with The Amazing Elle and her mommy. Falling asleep every night next to my bride. Loving and serving God's people. Kissin the horse. A week doesn't get any better than this my friend ...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How A Day Works

Today was a day. I thought I'd tell you about it. But I decided to show you instead. So. Here it is ...

It began at this little quick mart. It's not the one I usually use on the way to the office but it served the purpose today. Caffeine was needed!

So I drove on to church all super charged with sugary syrupy goodness! I decided NOT to drive through this mans field.

The next stop was the building that holds the part of the body of Christ in Belleville called "Towerview." It's a pretty cool place!

When I arrived I came across the awesome maintenance worker we call "Caroline." We call her that because it's her name. She's the best!

Then came Connie and Mike. Connie is "Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire!" She also bears watching as she is quite capable of getting not only even but ahead anytime you try to trick her. Mike is the best youth pastor in Belleville. No doubt. Hands down. He loves his kids and they love him!

Then I went to Belleville Memorial Hospital to visit somebody who wasn't there. Brain cramp on my part. She wasn't checking in until tomorrow. Surgery on Tuesday. Oh well. I tried.

So I got back into "Emma The Mustang" and drove about 35 miles to visit a couple of my friends who have not been well. But first ... Walgreens. Because I had a head ache and they had Tylenol. I took its picture but, come on. You know what Walgreens looks like.

Then it was on to the Browns home where I spent some time catching up with Chris and Ashley. As you may know Ashley has been battling Leukemia for the second time. She's kicking it's butt. I am amazed by this woman. She's going to turn 20 soon and has been through more than most 80 year olds. And Chris? Two months ago he had a car accident and spent weeks in a coma. Well, as you can see ... he's doing very well. This is one amazing family. They are precious to me and I love 'em!

On the way home I was still fighting that head ache and so more caffeine was in order. This time it was from the #1 vanilla coke joint on the planet ... "Hit 'N Run. Ahhhhh .. It worked!

So I dropped Emma's top and drove home with the breeze in my face. I couldn't resist reaching over the window with my camera and taking my own picture through the windshield. At 65 mph. Upside down. I'm such an amazing driver/photographer.

Before climbing the stairs to the "love hovel" I share with my bride I had to take a picture of our new lake. It's not exactly Lake Erie. But it does mark the spot we currently call "home."

And then? Getting ready to watch a little "24" by warming up with the news, sports and weather. They tell me I'm the last person watching "24." That's okay. When I grow up ... I'm gonna BE Jack Bauer.

So there ya go. That was Monday. It wasn't a home run. But it wasn't a strike-out either. And there was more than I can really tell you about. I don't talk about meetings with people without their permission. So some of it just stays between us and Jesus. But I got to love people. I got to try my best to be Jesus with skin on. All in all ... it was a day ...