Saturday, January 25, 2003

Random thoughts of no particular consequence but extremely serious intent...

-Whoever decided to put zippers on nylon goose down jackets should be feather whipped. I am incapable of zipping even ONE without jamming it on the fabric. And it's not my fault, darn it. They just don't work.
-The entire expense of a wedding reception is worth it simply for the experience of the "Father/Daughter Dance." Why did I have to spend thousands of dollars and give away my kid to figure this out?
-God loves me. I know He does. So why does He seem to delight in putting me into circumstances where .... oh yeah. Nevermind.
-I love my new son-in-law. I'm glad he still calls me "Ron." That's my name, ya know. And he already has two dads. Being Ron is what I do best.
-I've loaded some old favorite albums onto my high tech I-pod Mp3 player. And you know what? The music is flat. Was it flat back in the 70's when it was recorded? Or is it just flat compared to what today's technology does to today's music? Carol King's "Tapestry," one of the biggest sellers of all times... sounds anemic. This is a loss. I mean... "SmackWater Jack... He bought a shotgun....Cause he was in the mood for a little confrontation..." Ya had to be there I guess.
-My dog's still dead. My house smells better. I could still re-build him from the left-over hair. But he's still dead. And yet... I continue to step over him at night when I get up and walk through the house in the dark.
-My daughter took the NBC Studio's tour while on her honeymoon in New York. She told me that some of the coolest sets... like Tom Brokaw's... are put together useing duck Tape. That means my water bed mattress is state of the art.
-A snow fall doesn't count if you can still see the top of the grass sticking through. This should be the official measure.
-I own 3 Neon's and they are all the same color... salt gray.
-When Jesus walked on the water and calmed the storm... do you think His clothes got wet? When He fell asleep in the back of the boat and the disciples woke Him in a panic to get Him to help... and He calmed the storm by rebuking it... do you suppose he needed a towel?