Friday, December 26, 2003

Maybe it's just me. Today seemed more like Christmas than Christmas did. I didn't have to cook anything. (We served Chicago style deep dish pizza for Christmas dinner this year. The kids asked for it. It felt odd ... but tasted great. I missed the stuffing though.) I didn't have to wrap anything. I didn't have to help set a nice table or worry about getting all of the used wrapping paper up off of the floor.

No, today I just was. I slept late. 9:40. That is a good way to celebrate Christmas. Do you think Jesus would sleep late on His birthday? I think He would. Then I played with "Bailey The Killer Beagle." We got in the car and I introduced her to life in a Mustang. I think it's going to be fun with her in there next summer when the top is down. I can see her long ears flopping in the breeze now. It's a match made on ... Christmas. After that we went and had lunch with an former youth group teenager who is now a youth pastor himself. I watched as he and his wife coped with their two small children and tried to eat lunch. They reminded me of my own life 15 years ago. What a gift. It felt a bit like ... Christmas. Let's see. Then we came home and did a little more of nothing. That was a gift to ourselves. A gift like you give on ... Christmas. We ate dinner. It consisted of leftover pizza from yesterday and a wonderful deli tray brought by a dear friend two days ago. It was her way of saying ... "Merry Christmas." Finally, I went to the gym and worked out while Debbie did whatever Debbie does when I am not around. At the gym I ran my 1.5 miles and did a few weight machines. I talked to a friend from church and then slid into the hot tub where a man that I don't know told me about Jesus. I listened. I let him tell me. It was the story of ... Christmas.

Yeah, I'll take today over yesterday. Yesterday I went to bed tired. Tonight I'm going to bed happy. Happy because today ... finally ... it was Christmas.