Thursday, November 18, 2004

Texas. What a state. Not a place to be "messed with" or so the bumper stickers tell me. Debbie and I took a trip there to visit friends last week. Interesting things abound. I saw a huge set of steer “hook ‘em horns” hanging in a barbeque restaurant. That is not so unusual. But they were covered with silver glitter. This seemed a bit strange to me. The next day I was driving down a suburban Dallas interstate with a friend. A brown car was keeping pace with us on the frontage road. I was looking at it when it suddenly flipped over. He landed right on his roof and skidded about an eighth of a mile. There were no cars around him. There was nothing for him to hit. He just … flipped over. And then on the way back home the next day I was driving in the left lane of the expressway when I noticed what appeared to be a black garbage bag blowing across the wide, grassy median strip about a quarter mile down the road. As it got to our lane it turned toward us and proceeded in our direction … quickly. That’s when I noticed that it was not a garbage bag at all. It was a tire. Complete with a rim in it. And it was rolling at about 40 mph. It went right by us about eight feet to my left. Debbie saw it too so you have to believe me because she is incapable of being anything but totally honest. Oddly, there were no cars in the other lanes that were stopping, slowing down, skidding off of the road, or in any other way exhibiting the behavior of a car that has just lost an entire wheel. Like I said, interesting state, Texas.