Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Got Nothin...

... to complain about.

I do not know anybody trapped below ground or anybody who is dead because they tried to rescue somebody trapped under ground.

I am not in outer space on a vehicle that is going to re-enter the atmosphere soon with a "harmless" hole gouged in its underside.

I am not hungry.

I have friends who call me or e-mail me simply to say, "How are you?"

My house maintained a pleasant 72 while the outside thermometer's raged at 105 most of the week. This kept my asthmatic wife breathing which, in turn, kept my heart at peace.

I am not in a war zone.

My family is healthy, happy, employed, clean and each one likes all of the others.

Their are no hurricane's bearing down on my home.

I see no wild fires burning in my neighborhood.

What? I should complain? Why? Because everybody does? Because it gets attention? Because it is the new American way?

I think not...


Unknown said...

Ron - I needed to hear this today (you have NO idea how much). Came across your blog from Dana's, and was entertained to realize that you worked (live?) in Bethalto, which is where I grew up. Chances are I've seen you around. :) I graduated in '99 from CM and know that I know many of the kids who went to the church where you were a youth pastor. Small world, huh? :)

R said...

Just wanted to let ya know your comments on Dana's site always crack me up :)