Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Seinfeld of Blogs

This is the Seinfield of blogs. It is about nothing.

I suppose that some days are just meant to be "nothing days." This was one. I am trying to think of something ... anything ... that I did today that had any sort of real consequence. Eternal or otherwise. And I am not coming up with much.

Is that ok?

I am all for "the purpose driven life." I buy in to the entire idea that life is not about me. It is about God. It is about knowing Him, loving Him, serving Him. He is the focus and the reason. I live for Him.

This is going to be boring but here it is ...

Today I woke up. I sat for a bit. I showered. I sat for a bit. I ate tuna. I sat for a bit. I went to the store for really unimportant reasons. I sat for a bit. I ate supper out with my wife. We walked through a couple of stores. Now I am at home and I am sitting for a bit.

If I had not lived today nothing would be any different in the world. I did not make anyone better off. I did not really make anyone smile or frown. I gave out no meaningful information. I learned virtually nothing new. And now the day is over and I do not even have anything to blog about. And so I am blogging about nothing. Because that was my day.

But I have this blank space on my screen and it seems like I should put some words on it. Why do I think that? Why do I think that a day that has been purposeless is of no value. That cannot be true. Is it? I should know. But I have forgotten. What would I tell someone else if they asked me if having a day like this was alright? I would say, "Certainly. It is called 'down time' and it is profitable simply because it is unprofitable." They would feel better about their day and I would feel better because I gave out meaningful advice and spiritual direction. But I guess that I do not really believe the advice I give sometimes or I would not be asking the question of myself.

Or ... or maybe I think to much.

So I think I will just sit for a bit.