Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Moving. Again.

The view from the balcony on a cloudy, cold, snow flurry filled day...

For 5 days I've been living out of the back of my Explorer. No, I have not been sleeping there. Nothing like that. But when you move you pack your "stuff." You don't pack a suit case. So every night I had been walking down to the parking lot and dragging some clothes for the next day out of a box or a duffle bag. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not fun. Today I moved again. This time into the apartment. I made 6 trips up to the 9th floor carrying "stuff." (4 elevators. No waiting.) Then I went to Debbie's favorite store. Yes, the infamous Dollar General Store. Ugh. But she told me to go there and I miss her so much that I would indeed jump off the roof if she told me to. I've never filled a household from the bottom up before. I pushed my little cart up and down every aisle like a 90 year old woman on social security. i grabbed this. I grabbed that. I spent the Dollar Stores name times 62. When I got back to the apartment I started carrying up the last huge arm load of "stuff." That's when one of the rental agents asked me if I wanted to use the cart.

The cart.

I was on my 7th load ... the 7th time I walked RIGHT BY THEIR GLASS WALLED OFFICE ... and now they want to know if I want to use "the cart."

Yes, please.

I had no idea a studio apartment could take so long to organize. And I'm a "type a" personality but I'm certainly not "ocd." Anyway, it's not done yet. I'm camping out in my living room (I own 2 these days. Want to buy one in Illinois?) on an air mattress. No tv. I do have my trusty ipod and a speaker system. And fortunately one of my neighbors neglected to password their wireless internet. Tsk, tsk. Lucky for them I'm just tired and a bit lonely. Another neighbor might be criminal.

Tomorrow is "day 7" of The Great Cleveland Adventure. It might last 7 months, 7 years, or the rest of my life. Who am I to say? I'm here on orders. Video chatting with my wife and family has kept me sane thus far. But I'm off work on Friday and Saturday and have no idea what to do to kill off those days.

Maybe I'll buy a dog.


Anonymous said...

Check out those airlines for cheap flights to STL. Leave some clothes there and that way all you pack is your laptop and iPod.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the North Coast!

Somehow, your blog came up when I did a search for where to buy Canadian wine (don't ask!) in Lorain County.

Anyway, I've enjoyed reading about your move. May God bless your efforts here in Christ's name. You'll find that this really IS a nice place to be.

(FYI, I've been to St. Louis and found it, too, is a nice place.)

May your harvest be fruitful (and I'm not talking about the wine...)!

Anonymous said...

Here in AZ, a pool view is priceless. It looks like you could even jump off the balcony and do a belly flop into the pool. Too cool!