Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I did laundry. 5 loads. I am a hero husband or a total wuss. Poles open at 6:00 AM. Vote early. Vote often.

Today I ate pizza. "Mama Santa's" from Cleveland's "Little Italy." It's awesome for Cleveland pizza. (We must all learn to adjust.) And then I purchased a picture of a young Frank Sinatra standing in a doorway. A sign over his head says, "Miguel Santos: Attorney --- Divorce your loved one with dignity." How can you NOT buy that? It is irony of the finest order! The sweet little ancient Italian woman that sold it to me asked if I am a lawyer. I told her that I was not. I am a pastor. She began making "Pffft. Pffft. Pffft." noises. I do not know what that means. I also find it slightly fascinating that the picture was purchased in Little Italy ... which is nearly as Italian as Rome ... and yet the picture frame is made of bamboo.

Today I watched "Juno." You know what happened. It made me severely miss being a youth pastor. I really had not missed it yet. But I wanted to sit down next to that kid (Juno) put my arm around her and tell her how her life can be better. I don't think you ever get over being able to help someone at that level.

Today I started to throw my $29.99 Timex wrist watch off our balcony. Ever since Scott "fixed" it for me it beeps every hour on the hour and the alarm goes off every time it is 3:40. I had all I could take, grabbed it and ran out the patio door ready to hurl it toward the lake. That's when I noticed I was getting the old "stink eye" again from ... someone who shall remain nameless. Tonight the watch is in the bottom of my sock drawer. It's just waiting ... waiting ... waiting.

Today I climbed the stairs to our apartment four times for a total of 36 floors. And that does not count going down.

As Calvin and Hobbs once said ... "The Days Are Just Packed...."


Anonymous said...

hero husband.

Anonymous said...

Definitely hero husband. Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise.