Tuesday, July 01, 2008

God Bless John Deere

I got this from a friend in John Deere land. It was accompanied by the paragraph below. Read it and then watch the video. Not bad for tractor boys.

This incredible machine was built as a collaborative effort between the Robert M. Trammell Music Conservatory and the Sharon Wick School of Engineering at the University of Iowa . Amazingly, 97% of the
machines components came from John Deere Industries and Irrigation Equipment of Bancroft, Iowa, yes farm equipment!
It took the team a combined 13,029 hours of set-up, alignment, calibration, and tuning before filming this video but as you can see it was WELL worth the effort. It is now on display in the Matthew Gerhard Alumni Hall at the University and is already slated to be donated to the Smithsonian.


Anonymous said...

i think i saw that on public television between shows.



Anonymous said...

hi. i came here through here's the diehl.
that's funny. my dad works for john deere. i'll have to see if he has seen this.

Daniel said...

You do know that this is all computer animated?

You can tell your friend in John Deere land that no John Deere equipment was harmed for the making of this computer animated clip. Personally, if you cross a computer with a John Deere tractor the world will open up and swallow you whole!