Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pieces of "The Pie" to die for

#1 - Aurelio's PIzza ... suburban Chicago
#2 - Geno's East Deep Dish Pizza ... Chicago
#3 - Gino's 140 Pizza ... Bethalto, Il (Pepperoni & Onion, please)
#4 - Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza ... suburban Chicago (ANY toppings will do)
#5 - Imo's Pizza ... St. Louis (extra sauce!)
#6 - Mama Santa's Pizza - Cleveland's "Little Italy"
#7 - Roma's Pizza - Bethalto, Illinois (White Sauce!)
#8 - J Bucks - Clayton, Mo. (BBQ Chicken. Mmmm.)
#9 - Cannoli's - Florissant, Mo. (Okay, it's actually pizza soup but it counts)
#10- Still searching!


Anonymous said...

I will be going to Giordano's the end of next week so I will make sure that I think of you as I eat their pizza.

Anonymous said...

I know this is about pizza, but check out Presti's Italian Restaurant in Oberlin, OH. It's owned by the family of a lady I work with. Tell them you know Gina and maybe you'll get a discount.

Kris West

Earth Muffin said...

Next time you're in IL again, come to Princivalli's Cafe in Alton. It's better than Imo's, I promise! And it's right by my house so the fam and I can meet you there...which will make it taste even better, of course.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to Balducci's in Creve Coeur? It's been a long time since I've been there, but I remember their pizza being delicious.

Anonymous said...

crap, now I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

Don & Penny's in Alton if you like thin crust!

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm nicole diehl's sis-in-law, heidi
--what about lou malnati's? or have you been to pequod's pizza in chicago (and one of the suburbs)? and there is this great place called Piece in the bucktown neighborhood of Chicago that has THE BEST hand-tossed pizza!

Ron said...

I like Lou Malnati's. It's just my 3rd favorite deep dish place and I didn't want to just do deep dish favorites. Actually, just about any pizza in chicago is better than any pizza anyplace else. In my humble opinion, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

Chicago, the home of 10.25% sales tax - expensive pizza.

Suzylouwho17 said...

Cross Roads II in New Berlin WI. Or Armelli's in New Berlin WI. BBQ Chicken or Hawaian. Both are pretty outstanding!

Unknown said...

Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia, MO. The original location just on the edge of campus.