Friday, August 22, 2008

The Christmas Story House

We've waited until we really needed something to do before pulling this one out of our hat. Friday's are our designated "Discover Cleveland" day. Last week you may have read that we drove all of the way to Toledo for peaches. Okay, we got that one wrong. So today we made up for it. We went to "The Christmas Story House" in the inner city. If you have any holiday spirit in you at all you've seen "The Christmas Story." It was filmed in 1983 and is the story of Ralphie and his family as they live their lives out around the Christmas holiday. The house where it was filmed is still standing. A couple of years ago it was in a state of total disrepair and for sale on ebay. It sold for $150,000. I think the guy who bought it was from the west coast and was not really terribly happy when he came out and actually set eyes on the place. (Lesson: Never buy a house on ebay.) But he's done okay for himself, rehabbing it and charging $7.50 per person to tour it. I'm sure it takes a lot of tourists to cover the purchase price of the house (20,000 to be exact,) not to mention the rehab tab. But people come by the bus loads. So I'm not too worried about him.

We finished off the evening by heading over to Blockbuster and renting the movie. Had to verify its authenticity, don't ya know.

And in case you are wondering ... no, Debbie would not let me buy a "leg lamp" at the gift shop. Not that I didn't try...


Earth Muffin said...

"I can't put my arms down!"
"You can put your arms down when you get to school."
"The F Dash Dash Dash word..."
"I like the Wizard of Oz. I like the Tin Man."
"My father worked in obscenity like other artists work in oils..."

Oh yeah, we're fans. And we're totally jealous and we're coming to visit sometime and you are totally taking us there. If I have my way, we'll be going there before we go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Kathy G said...

We visited Cleveland (from St. Louis) earlier in the year, and sad to say this did NOT make the short list of activities. However, if we ever come again.....

Unknown said...

This is Kevin's absolute favorite movie in the whole entire world. I had never seen it, never even heard of it, before we were dating. I have now seen it more times than I can count. I always know when Kevin is watching it and what is happening by his laugh. Then, he does what earth muffin did and begins quoting the movie. I think he knows it word for word from start to finish. This year, I think I may be purchasing a leg lamp from a catalog for the basement. What fun it will be to have Santa deliver it on Christmas Eve. Can't wait to take the tour...Kevin will be over the edge!!

Unknown said...

Wow! I am soooooo jealous of you Ron. Adam and I would love to see this house.