Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm so glad that I paid attention to the stock market this week. It was not at all dissimilar to riding the latest "Puke 'em Up" roller coaster at the amusement park of your choice. Down 500 points. Up 400 points. Down ... up ... up ... down ... you get the point. I only paid attention because the media has to have a way of keeping your attention so that they will get paid. That means they have to get hysterical over, well, anything. If they are hysterical they know I'll watch. Kind of like when the reporter on some cable news network got blown over and rolled through a bush while filming in the midst of hurricane Ike. He was a real brainiac. But I did watch so I suppose he got the job done. The bottom line is that in spite of all the hysterics the stock market is up 40 points in the last month, 18% over the last 5 years and 44% over the last 10 years. And for this I'm suppose to be hysterical?

I say all that just to say this.

In heaven ... nothing has changed. I just asked. God quietly assured me that He is still in control. He's in control on the days when I'm down and He's in control on the days when I'm up. He's in control no matter what the latest politicians stump speech may indicate. Hurricanes wreak their havoc on the coast. Tornado's tear through the heartland. Earth quakes bounce people all over the west coast. Lots of stuff goes wrong. Lots of stuff goes right.

And every time, every moment, no matter what I feel like ... God is still my God. He never wavers, trembles, breaks a sweat, or gets surprised. He is ... well ... God.

So go to bed tonight. Turn ALL of the lights off. There is nothing hiding under your bed that He doesn't know about. He is in charge. And He loves you.

I just thought maybe you needed to be reminded. I know I did.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I truly loved reading this. I'm following Our Cup Runneth Over's blog, and saw you had commented with such beautiful, spectacular words. You bring comfort in such a way that is eloquent and believable. I'm coming to the point, again, in my life, where I am learning about God again. Only this time, it's because God brought me to where I could be a witness to someone else's faith. I think God did this so I could teach my daughter the truths of the universe, to be a beacon to her.
Thank you again for your beautiful words.

Kathy G said...

This past week, I read the newspaper each day, and I listened to NPR for a short while in the morning and didn't really watch or listen to anything else at all.

In my opinion, the incessant news shows just put people in a panic. Like you said, God's in control. it's his time, not ours.