Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh yeah. Now I remember...

Now I remember. Snow. It's that white stuff. And, contrary to public opinion, IT'S A BLAST!

It began for us as we were arriving back via SWA today. Our skilled and highly professional pilot told us that we were 50 miles west of Cleveland ... and would be for a while. Seems like circling out there in nowheresville was a good idea because the airport had suddenly and without notice become iced in. Okay. In that situation I'm all about circling. I like sledding as much as the next guy but not with twin jet engines strapped to me.

We finally landed and were "fetched" by a friend and his daughter. (Thanks Jim! Thanks Taryn!) I wasn't paying much attention because Jim was driving and he's a stud. (Thanks Jim!) Then, after getting dropped at our apartment I was sent for food (Thanks Debbie!) That's when I repented of all the lousy things I said about our Trail Blazer back when gas was about $4 per gallon. (Thanks Trail Blazer!) 4 wheel drive rocks!

So we've got about a foot. Maybe a bit more. And my lake ... my lake looks like a rerun of "Ice Road Truckers." And it's downhill from here. The picture below was taken without flash because, well, it's 11 PM and like daylight outside (Cleveland daylight isn't like most of the worlds daylight. It's ... darker.) Oh, and my garage is the last before you get to it. Hey... (Thanks brakes!)

Oh, one more thing. The red dot down on the bottom of the picture? It was a UFO. Strayed onto my balcony. I squashed it like a bug. The world owes me.