Saturday, April 04, 2009

Top 10 Subdivisions You Don't Want To Live In

Since we have begun our home search in earnest I have noticed that all of the subdivisions in our area (meaning in America) have certain things in common. Cool and trendy names. They all want to be called "Hunter Glenn," "Cambridge Estates," or perhaps, "Providence Commons." Who wouldn't want to live there?

All of that started me thinking. That's what I do. I think. it's a common thread that runs through the course of my life. And as I thought I realized why nobody ever asks me to name their neighborhoods. It is probably because I believe in truth in advertising. And so, with that thought in mind, I give you the top 10 subdivision names you probably don't want to move into.

10 - Foundations Crack

9 - Septic Runnoff

8 - Cellar Mold

7 - Stagnant Waters

6 - Rats Landing

5 - Mine Subsidence

4 - Sinkhole Estates (sister subdivision to Mine Subsidence)

3 - Cesspool Commons

2 - Crackhouse Courts

And the number 1 subdivision you certainly don't want to live in ...

1 - Squatters Rights


Anonymous said...

Isn't house hunting fun? Not.

I'm going to start playing this game, now, too. Thanks for the idea. Maybe it will take my mind off ugly kitchens and cheap bathroom fixtures.

Shannon said...

Actually, I live very close to Crackhouse Courts. It is just a few blocks away from Landfill Lane.

Ron said...

Wow. We must be neighbors Shannon! Do me a favor ... shut of the valve on that methane gas pipe over on the landfill. I wanna watch that sucker GO UP!