Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's True...

Some years ago a guy named Robert McGee wrote a book called "Search For Significance." It was quite ground breaking. They turned it into an entire study. (Don't they always? And who ARE "they" anyway?) The whole thing was good but God reminded me today of three facts taught in "Search" that will change your life if you buy into them. And if you don't? Well, you life will turn into a spiritual train wreck.

So it would be not so nice of me to withhold them from you. Here they are. Simple but life giving.

1. I am deeply loved of God.
2. I am fully pleasing to God.
3. I am totally accepted by God.

Give that some thought. Kick the tires on it for a while. Do you buy it?

Tomorrow ... we'll talk.


Anonymous said...

1. I am deeply loved of God
I buy it.

2. I am fully pleasing to God.
I buy it. But I do not buy it as I should find myself pleasing to God. My wife loves, for whatever reason, I want her to see a better me. I want to be better because of that love.

3. I am totally accepted by God.
I buy it. I believe God sees more than we do. He sees value in us or else we would not exist. We are not as what we will be; Paul said we would be made perfect. I too have seen heaven and know my sinful pitiful nature will disappear. In the kingdom of heaven I will be whole.

I deserve destruction in my mind. I deserve all of hell’s fire. Yet Jesus came and died for me (and for you). If I am not loved, what am I? Where did that love come from but God’s grace, which is please with the good and forgiving of the bad? If God does not accept me, why would He waste his time?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ron. Reading these makes deep relief.

Why is it so hard for us--okay me (and people like me)--to belief it?

It should be painted in every room of my house... no, inscribed in the palm of my hand...

Thank you for sharing this.

Crystal said...

I have to agree with neeser. I think one of THE biggest lies Satan tries to get us to believe is that God could not ever love us and that we can not ever be enough for him. True, in and of ourselves we can never be good enough, that's why we need Jesus. Serously though, Satan loves to throw this one at me. *sigh* I love to read your blog, although at times it's few and far between, but the funny thing is, God always makes sure I read your blog when these types of things are here. So, just know that God is using this enormous internet, and your typing abilities to witness to others and to lift their spirits, and I for one love you for it :)