Monday, July 20, 2009

I take it back

I wrote a blog post last night. I reread it this morning and read the comment posted below. After thinking about it and especially after praying about it I have decided to remove the post. I do not know if my anonymous friend who left a comment is correct or not. If he or she is correct ... and that just might be the case ... then I threw a "spiritual torpedo" in the water at a church and that was wrong. If my friend is wrong and my original thinking is correct, well, the world will carry on quite well without this piddly little post.

I try to live what I believe. And I believe that it is wrong to do harm to those trying to do good. And so to my friends in the church I referred to, I apologize. Even though you probably didn't even know this blog exists much less that you appeared in it. That's not the point. I bless you and ask that you exalt the name of Jesus.



Anonymous said...

I think you may be wrong here. I think what they are saying. They won't hassle you. Just God. And I think that is probably the way it should be most of the time. Many church people want to tell people how to live even when they do not know them.

I was at a church where a lady attended our church that announced at a Sunday school class the church was not bringing in enough money. She said to everyone there they needed to step up there giving. Then she looked at me and said and that means you too. I knew I was already the second largest giver and I was already giving more than 10%, but she just joined the finance committee. I imagine she singled me out because she came in and interrupted a story I was telling and I started to continue after she came in and said what she said. I could go on with busybody church people hassling other church people but I am sure you know of this.

That is the type of hassle they trying to stop and put there focus on God, which is the source of all those other hassles you talked about. God does consume us if we are right-minded. It may be a hassle from time to time. But it does also have its reward.

I think you may have been too quick to judge the sign. It may be a good mission statement as well as a slogan.

Your Friend always

Anonymous said...

I do not know anything about that church. I do not even know the sign.

I do know you are a great man. I know you. I am anonymous because I do not want attention. I read your blog every day. It is important to me. It maybe the best blog I have ever read. I like your style and your honesty. Heck I like you.

I was not trying to trouble you.

I have personally very little use for most if not all televangelist. That being said, I do not know them. I try to think the best of them.

I thought your blog was good in saying that the commitment to God can be a hassle. Job, Jonah, Paul and most of all Jesus showed me that. I think your original post was good and the sign inspired you, which in turn inspired me. Jesus kept telling the disciples that they would go through the same things He did. He warned them of the hassles of Christianity and you too were right to emphasize the burden we must carry.

I love you dearly,
Your Friend always

Ron said...

Hey, you didn't offend me. No harm, no foul. You gave me food for thought and I decided to be cautious. Words matter. They have power. I want mine to be accurate and your comment made me call my words into question. If I write something playful that is obviously tongue-in-cheek, that's one thing. If I write something that is quite serious ... and then realize I am not certain that I am correct ... then I should do the right thing. If I err I choose to err on the side of righteousness.