Friday, August 28, 2009

Stupid Picture Chronicles #37

I can't really think of anything to add to this. Stupid speaks for stupid.


jeffy777 said...

I must be stupid I don't get what is stupid... Arhhhh... Man I feel like such putz... Could you Ron explain it to me?

Jeff your Brother

Ron said...

Happy to help, Jeff. Do you really think it necessary that a picture frame would have a sticker on the glass instructing you to remove the price tag before using the frame? Don't you think you might actually notice the price tag while you are looking at the picture and deduce for yourself that perhaps ... just perhaps ... you could see the picture better sans price tag?

Anonymous said...

Ron I think you interpreted the picture wrong or I did. The tape was telling you to take the sticker off the slot where you put pictures (not the price tag). That way you would not by accident wreck your pictures crumpling them on their way through the slot. They put the tape there to help make sure the frame made safely from China.

Jeff your brother.

Ron said...

Nope. It was connected to the price tag. But either way ... you think it makes them smart to assume you think you can slide a picture through a piece of plastic? I'd say it's a major FAIL on their part either way!