Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Over a nice dinner tonight with our friends Eric and Stephanie we, as usual, engaged in deep conversation. Tonights topic centered around what we would miss most if we had no thumbs. Intriguing to say the least. Here's our best efforts ...

(Please note that this was a group effort. Except for #1 ... the last one. That was all Eric's. He tested it and wanted you to know.)

-Certainly no hitch-hiking.
-Picking your nose would become totally one dimensional. Boring. No way to flick a booger.
-Just try eating a hot dog with everything on it. Better get a bib.
-Squeezing ketchup bottles? Not happening.
-Use the space bar? Forget about it.
-I dare you to try flipping a coin.
-"Rat Pack" impersonations are impossible if you can't snap your fingers.
-Got a Tee Time? Might as well cancel. You ain't swinging nothing thumblessly.
-You're gonna need some help brushing your teeth.
-And the number 1 thing that would go wrong without thumbs ... I believe this gem was Eric's ... and I'll put this as politely as possible. Gentlemen ... you might as well leave the seat down. (Apologies to all of you I just offended. Leave a comment and I'll give you Eric's cell phone number.)


Unknown said...

Dude. #1 was all my idea! I even tested it for you!


Ron said...

There! Problem solved! And you can all reach Eric at (312) 747-8227. Be polite.

Earth Muffin said...

Thumblessly? Best. Made-up. Word. Ever.