Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Am More

At birth I was more than a squealing lump of slimy infant.

I grew into more than an awkward kid with no meat on his bones and a cowlick.
I sat still long enough to get educated but I was more than a brain full of knowledge.
She said yes and I gave her a ring but I was more than a rookie husband who wanted to please.
I helped create them and they call me "dad" but I am more than a father.
They gave me a signed paper and told me I was a minister but I am more than a "preacher."
I got to share life with thousands of students, baptizing many but I was more than a spiritual babysitter.
And now I have married many, I have buried many, and I have carried many.  But I am more.
I have spoken to crowds and I have spoken to one.  But I am more.
I have a desk but I am more than a body sitting and studying.
They ask me for advice and direction and I do my best.  But I am more than a guide.
I dream and I plan and I coach and I mentor and I promote and I administrate and I guide and I teach and I visit and I pray and I listen and I shepherd and I protect and I ...  But I am more.

I am coming to Christ. (I Peter 2: 4)
I am a living stone.  (I Peter 2: 5a)
I am a holy priest.  (I Peter 2: 5b)
I am a chosen person.  (I Peter 2: 9)
I am a part of a holy nation.  (I Peter 2: 9)
I am God's very own possession.  (I Peter 2: 9)
I am a temporary resident, a foreigner.  (I Peter 2: 11)
I am free.  (I Peter 2: 16)
I am, by my own choice, God's slave.  (I Peter 2: 16)
And because I am, God is pleased with me.  (I Peter 2: 20)

God is not upset with me.  God is not mad at me.  God thinks I'm special.  God thinks I am as special as His Son, Jesus.  I know that because Jesus is the price He paid to buy me from satan.  If you trust and submit to Him, no matter what you have done or how guilty some one else tells you that you are, and no matter how guilty some one makes you feel (listen close ... put your ear to the screen ... you need to hear this ...) HE IS NOT MAD AT YOU!  And if some one says He is they do not know what they are talking about and you should not buy a used car from that person.

He is my reason, my purpose, my example, my leader, my guide, my counselor, my comforter, my truth, my joy, my Savior.

He thought of me, designed me, created me, wept over me, died for me, and bought me back.  And so I will love Him, serve Him, follow Him, submit to Him, obey Him, trust Him, defer to Him, worship Him, and confess Him.

Just when I think I know who I am ... I find out that I am more.  (And so are you.  If you want to be.)


DLO said...

We are so blessed to have you as our pastor!

DLO said...

We are so blessed to have you as our pastor!

Anonymous said...

One word. Beautiful! :)