Monday, March 06, 2006

After even greater deliberation here is a comprehensive list of my 10 Most Enjoyable Things In The World As Of Today Though I Reserve The Right To Change It At Any Moment Without Prior Notice And Without The Express Written Consent Of Major League Baseball(not counting things like relationships, hugging family, being ... ahem ... alone with my bride, worshipping God, etc. This is a blog not a political philosophy or theological/doctrinal statement!)

10. (It's a tie) Gym shoes that fit perfectly (it's a fetish) //// Opposable thumbs (try brushing your teeth without them tonight)
9. Remote control anything (sooooo lazy)
8. The first hour after a good work-out (they say it's chemical)
7. Music ("... it's the best thing I have ever found..." Rich Mullins R.I.P.)
6. An Ipod, a helmet, a motorcycle ... and no cars
5. Sunny days, Green Mustang, top down ... nuff said
4. White Sox Tickets, downstairs near Jermaine Dye after an hour at the Grandstand (35th Street just west of "The Cell")
3. Cubs tickets, bleachers on the vines (Night ... day ... doesn't matter)
2. Bailey crashing next to me in my big huge brown fuzzy mega-chair (She is form fitting)
1. Crashing in my big huge brown fuzzy mega-chair (You have to be there to get it)