Monday, March 06, 2006

After great deliberation here is a comprehensive list of my 10 Most Irritating Things In The World As Of Today Though I Reserve The Right To Change It At Any Moment Without Prior Notice And Without The Express Written Consent Of Major League Baseball(not counting things like war, disease, famine, etc. This is a blog not a political philosophy or theological/doctrinal statement!)

10. Camping (or anything having to do with being required to shower and/or sleep out doors)
9. Weddings (sorry. I feel badly about this one but it is true)
8. In coming phone calls from phone numbers that caller id doesn't recognize (forget it ... I won't answer)
7. The Cardinals (every day in every way)
6. Staying when I don't want to stay
5. Going when I don't want to go
4. Daytime television (a waste land)
3. Anything involving numbers or math (I don't do numbers)
2. Meetings (necessary evils)
1. Peanut Butter (it is inherently evil)


Derklee said...

I agree with you on all acounts except for the last one you went to far. Not liking peanut butter thats ridiculus.

Anonymous said...

How can you not like peanut butter and the Cardinals?....seriously we are at two totally different ends of the spectrum.....

however I am a rather big fan of the comfy brown chair (although I might debate you on the color)