Friday, September 29, 2006

S.T.R.E.P = Sick - Temperature - Restlessness - Expectorate - Pain

Did you ever notice that life tends to (usually) balance itself out? I mean really. Think about it for a minute. Man takes nice trip to Seattle. Man enjoys scenery. Man enjoys food. Man enjoys time with wife. Sounds good so far? Man comes home from Seattle. Man works for a couple of weeks. Man starts feeling poorly. Man calls doctor. Doctor sends man drugs. Man stays home from work for two days. Man feels better. Man goes back to work. Man feels badly again. Man goes to doctor. Doctor shoots man in the butt with a needle. Man goes home. Man stays home two more days. Man feels better.

Ok, I have gotten my cavemanesque talk out of the way. Thank you for indulging me.

Strep throat stinks. I mean really. If I were the type that believed getting sick was God’s judgment for sin I would be repenting my tail off right now. I have spent way too much time in “the date chair” since taking that first antibiotic pill. Bailey the Killer Beagle is tired of having me at home. And I am actually starting to look forward to going back to work.

Maybe I am sicker than I thought.?