Saturday, September 30, 2006

The way the ball bounces ...

If you were going to be a ball what kind of ball would you be? Some possibilities …

A baseball. Did you know that before every major league baseball game the umpires take the balls that are going to be used, remove them from the box and rub them up very lovingly with dirt? It is very special dirt. I do not know why but it is. It is not a bad dirt but a good dirt. And then we have all seen the pitcher take the ball and rub it up again while standing beside the mound. They all want the ball to feel right. When was the last time that somebody went to any effort to rub you up to make sure that you felt just right? Being a baseball would be a good thing to be.

A football. Sure they get kicked around a little bit. It’s part of life. But did you ever watch a running back take a hand-off, tuck the ball away like a precious gem and sprint toward victory? Or have you seen a receiver jump high to grab a ball and keep it from landing in the enemies hands? When was the last time somebody tucked you away to protect you? Or when was the last time somebody pulled you back from the clutches of the enemy? Being a football would be a good thing to be.

A basketball. The whole point of basketball is to pass you from friendly to friendly and then to make you achieve the purpose for which you were created by “swishing” you through the net. Anybody trying to help you achieve your purpose? Anybody trying to make sure only friendlies get to lay a hand on you? I thought not. Being a basketball would be a good thing to be.

A tennis ball. Tennis begins with “love” and throughout the game the ball gets “served.” How can that be bad? Loving service! Sweet. Being a tennis ball would be a good thing to be.

A tether ball. A tether ball exists for one purpose and one purpose only. To get smacked. When you are a tether ball you get this screw shoved into you and then you are hung from a rope or a chain. Next two people square off and take turns smacking you back and forth. Neither of them wants you to come their way. The goal is to take you and wrap you all the way around the pole as many times as possible until you are smacked up against it on the enemies side. That’s it. You get screwed, hung and smacked. Being a tether ball is not such a good thing to be.

So there it is. Life. Rubbed up to feel good. Tucked in like a gem and protected. Passed from friend to friend while being propelled toward your life's purpose. Loved and served. Screwed, hung and smacked. Sad thing is you never get to choose which one it's going to be.