Monday, January 15, 2007

All nations, tribes and tongues

Did you know that the "www" is REALLY a "world wide web?" I guess I kind of believed that it was in some mentally disconnected way. I sometimes surf over and read the Jerusalem newspaper. (By the way, I do not mean that I get on a surf board and "water surf" to Jerusalem. But I would if I could.) That's as close to Jerusalem as I expect to ever come. I'm pretty much a "lower 48 states" kind of guy. If some terrorist is going to knock me off he's going to have to cross some serious ocean, navigate extensive corn fields, and then get past my Beagle. At that point he's got a 50/50 chance cause I plan on ruining his trip.

But that is not the point.

My brilliant son-in-law helped me download and program this cool tracking tool that is attached to this blog. DON'T PANIC. It doesn't install anything on your computer, tell me your name, shoe size, sexual preferance or anything about your buying habits. It does tell me how many "hits" I get per day, what ISP those hits come from AND ... this is the coolest of all ... what cities the hits come from. If this son-in-law had not already married my maiden daughter and granted me a granddaughter I would insist that he do so immediately. I would even kick in a wedding reception. Fortunately, we've already done that.

But again, that is not the point.

The point is that within the last couple of days this little blog has been read by several hundred people in the US of A. That's cool and makes me feel good. It's also been read in France, hangzhou, China and the Malaysian city of Petaling Jaya. Did I mention CHINA????? Isn't that like ... around the globe from here? And all I know for sure about Malaysia is that, well, to misquote Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz ... it ain't Kansas. I mean, you can't even look those places up on! BUT ... you can find hangzhou china on Looks like a pretty big place. It's got a river with a bridge across it and is not too far from the ocean! That means it's probably a much nicer place than my little suburb of St. Louis.

I wonder if they have a Taco Bell? That would so close the deal for me. I'd be calling U-Haul up tomorrow first thing.

So whoever you are and wherever you are from allow me to take this opportunity to say WELCOME! I am so happy that you found my little corner of cyber-space. Please know that you are welcome here, you are loved (in that I don't know you but love you because God made you just like He made me and even though we are on different sides of the earth let's be friends kind of way.)

I joke around a lot on my blog. I enjoy writing and playing and having fun. I wish I could figure out how to write for a living so I'd never have to send out another resume. Heck, I'd maybe even give my Mustang away and just live in my den 24/7. But the point is that I am totally serious when I say ... whoever you are ... wherever you are ... thanks for taking the time to come here and read my ramblings. If you know me and live in my home town, welcome. If you don't know me and live in the states, welcome. And if you live some where else on this globe we call earth a very special welcome to you. I will try to be worthy of any return trip you choose to make here.

Oh, my name is Ron and I look exactly like the guy in the picture up on top of this blog because he is me.


Zookeeper said...

Hi, Ron. Thanks for such a welcoming post. I have visited your blog before but have not commented. (I followed your link from You always have such clever comments for her over there.) I enjoy reading your blog. It's honest and often inspirational. I admire your decision to quit your job in search of something new (i.e. less stressful.) Best of luck in your future endeavors.