Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Night Thoughts Revisited

Last nights blog was intended to be light and carefree. I give myself an "F". Sorry about that. I have too much time on my hands. But I digress.

Here, in no particular order because I am so ADHD that I can't make up my mind, are the Top Ten Things I Find Floating Around My Brain Tonight (aka: "TTTIFFAMBT")

1. Are my Chicago Bears going to break my heart this coming weekend or are they actually going to wait until the Super Bowl?
2. Why is it that when all you do is work all you can think of is time off and when all you have is time off all you can do is look for ways to go back to work?
3. Is it remotely possible to teach a Beagle not to bark every 90 seconds?
4. Ozzie Smith's restaurant has door handles shaped like baseball bats. J. Bucks restaurant has door handles shaped like microphones. If a urologist opens a restaurant what do you suppose the door handles will look like?
5. For Christmas next year I want God to make me Jonas Blaine from "The Unit" for one week.
6. I got my evaluations in the mail this week from Youth Specialties about the conference I taught for them last November at the National Youth Workers Convention and I got all 4's and 5's (out of 1 - 5 with 1 being awful and 5 being brilliant.) Unfortunately I know that all youth workers lie at these things because I always do.
7. Why doesn't it snow at my house anymore? You want to melt the polar ice caps? Move me to the north pole.
8. How cool would it be to have the job of the guy who gets to name new cars? Like the new "Ford Phlegm." The "Chrysler Colon." The "Dodge Diarrhea." The "Honda Hernia." The "Chevy Shoveit." I so want this job!
9. Who would win if Aunt Annie (of pretzel fame) and Mrs. Fields (of cookie fame) got to mud wrestle?
10. Why do I stay up so late typing this stuff?


Anonymous said...

I love it, Ron. You should just download all these things and send them to a publisher. You could be an author.

All is well(?) in Iowa. I'll e-mail you more later.