Tuesday, June 05, 2007

OOPS! I did it again ... (with apologies to Brittney)

Yes, I must be doing something wrong because, darn it, I keep getting hired. First there was the substitute teaching thing which really went well (if you don't count that one kid that stood ON his desk and dared me to touch him. I, of course, declined and told him that I had just walked up next to him because I'd never really heard anybodies brains go "SQUISH" on a concrete floor before and I didn't want to miss this opportunity.) But, alas, school ended and once again I have been sleeping late and getting reaquainted with Ronduh the motorcycle. (Named because of the way I treated her the first time I got on her ... "Ron. Duh." Let's just say it was messy.)

And now I have accepted a position with Enterprise. You know, the people that rent cars. I will be an "Airport Customer Transportation Transition Specialist." I get a cool Enterprise polo shirt and everything. Gosh, I hope it is blue. It brings out my eyes. And once again I've managed to score a job that does NOT make me go to meetings. This is important to me. My personal opinion of meetings is as follows ... if the meeting lasts longer than it takes me to consume one half of a can of Vanilla Coke SOMEBODY is wasting SOMEBODIES time. Know what I mean?

So much for sleeping the summer away. I'm hoping that if and when I decide not to do this anymore I'll be able to score a job in the airport control tower.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Hi. My name is Ron and I work on the shuttle...

Oops. Sorry. Wrong shuttle.

Your Airport Customer Transportation Transition Specialist ... OUT!