Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's All About The Words

So here I am propped up in my big cushy bed contemplating the meaning of life and it hits me. Ok, I don't really think the "entire" meaning of life just landed in my brain but part of it did. And I am going to tell you for free. So if you disagree, well, tough noogies.

Here it is. You ready?


That's it. Life is about words. If they come at you one at a time all by themselves they usualy do not mean much. But just string them together and see what happens.

Let's try an experiment. I'll give you a word and you tell yourself what you think of it. (You can't tell me 'cause I am not there. So tell yourself. consider this an interactive learning experience.) Ok, here goes ...


That didn't mean much to me. How about you? Ok, let's try it when we string some words together.

"Pass me that lovely donut covered with powdered sugar and filled with jelly."

Now there is a fine example of taking a nothing word and giving it true meaning! From "jelly" to "jelly donut" all in one sentence just by adding a few words.

Let's try another.


It's a good word but you must admit it is pretty limited. So ...

"I cannot wait to get home because that's where the love is." Or, "I wish you would go home because you are boring me and I need to take a nap."

Pretty cool, huh? Words really mean something when you string them together. As a matter-of-fact, life is all about words. My words. Your words. Words from anybody and everybody. We use them to give us meaning and purpose, to transfer knowledge and information from our brains to the brains of others.

You know what I think? I think that it is in words that we leave our greatest legacy. You bless with them or you curse with them. Maybe most harmfully of all you ignore someone when you fail to use them. But what I say, what I write, the way I use the words of my language will effect untolds amounts of people everyday. I can cheer up the grocery store clerk with them or I can make her cry. I can put them in the proper order to do good or to do bad. It is up to me and I must decide every time I open my mouth.

You know, God put some Words together too. They are indelibly inked into history and have meaning for every person to walk the planet. That means you.

God said, "I love you."

God said, "I want to adopt you."

God said, "Let's do life together and you'll have a ride you won't believe."

God said, "Don't!" when He saw us thinking about doing something that would hurt us. That's why He said things like (warning: paraphrase ahead,) dont' sleep around or kill anybody or want and steal other people's stuff.

God said, "Go for it!" when He saw us getting ready to bless and serve another person. His chest puffed out and He got the greatest smile on His face because He heard and saw you use your words to help someone who needed positive words.

So. Every word matters. There are no "free zones" where you can blast someone or gossip or slander. Nope. Every word you utter gives you an "add on" to your legacy.

Anyway, that was on my mind and I thought I would share it with you. Because I like you. Even if we have never met. I'm serious. You are God's and Iike you. And so does He.

He told me to tell you.


Anonymous said...

Nice thought. However, now I have to stop and buy a doughnut. (I'll do it while the kids are in school, so I don't have to share.) Stephanie