Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bob Evans ... down in the farm

I have nothing to blog about. You think that's going to stop me? Has it ever? Quick answer: No. So why start now?

Well, Sunday has come and Sunday has gone. Almost. We flipped the switch on our new sound system at church today. Very cool. Last week people were complaining that they could not hear. This week? It's too loud. I would not be a "sound guy" for any amount of money. Okay, that's not true. I could be a sound man mercenary very easily. But no one seems anxious to pay me to do it. That's for the best. I have no idea what all of those little knobs are for.

Debbie and I came back to the apartment bringing our fast food lunch in tow. Mid way through the afternoon she decided to make me cookies. (She's the best.) Well, being a nearly 4 month resident of this apartment never required me to turn the oven on. She was the first. Evidently whoever lived here last, or whoever cleaned the apartment before we moved in, decided to clean the oven. And they must have used one of those canned over cleaner chemical things. This is not good news for an asthmatic. Within 5 minutes the smoke alarm was going off. Within half an hour she was not breathing too well. (Too good? Whatever.) She limped her way through church tonight while taking a nebulizer treatment. Then we went to my favorite biscuits and gravy place, Bob Evans. (He's not really down on the farm. He's down IN the farm. stone cold ... dead. But the biscuits are still good.) After woofing down supper we came back to the apartment. I was very hesitant. I entered first and, smelling nothing peculiar, allowed her in. She was really struggling. As we were pulling into the parking garage I had noticed that it was lightening out over Lake Erie. So I opened the patio door about a foot and proceeded to get Debbie as comfortable as possible, propped up in her favorite $59.99 chair. (Sarcasm ... just one of our many services. And, by the way, her chair was not outside the door. It just sounded that way.) I went back and sat by the door as the storm rolled in. Lightening flashed, thunder rolled, rain came in buckets and, best of all, the wind blew. It blew refreshing cool, clean breezes into our little cozy home. It cleaned our air. Debbie is breathing easier now. She is relaxing. Soon she'll be asleep. Tomorrow morning she has to be at work at 7:00 AM. I have prayed over her and trust that God will refresh her and give her all the strength and energy she needs to tackle 8 hours at the Marriott.

God is good.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing to comment about. You think that's going to stop me? Has it ever?

I'm just trying out that idea of imitation being the highest form of flattery. Or something like that.

Ron said...

Gregg! You are brilliant! Your comment ... modeled after my post ... left me all warm and fuzzy feeling! Thanks, friend! I am ... flattered! Or something like that.