Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Miss My Granddaughter, Elle

1. I miss her because when we see each other she hugs me, burying her head in my shoulder and not letting go for at least 5 minutes. I melt. Every time. She makes me feel like the only person in the world.

2. I miss her because she sings songs to me. Actually, she sings medley's that only she knows. Because she cannot sing one entire song she mixes as many as she wants and turns them into one beautiful solo.

3. I miss her because she lets me sit next to her on her potty chair and read to her while she pretends like she knows why she is there.

4. I miss her because she lets me crawl in her tunnel with her even though my shoulders are too big to really fit. She still meets me in the middle, laughs, and kisses me all over my face.

5. I miss her because she acts just like my daughter did when she was 20 months old and she was the first 20 month old that I ever was madly, crazy in love with.

6. I miss her because she sits on my lap and we read books. Sometimes we actually read the entire book before she turns a page prematurely.

7. I miss her because all I have to do to make her happy is to be there. She doesn't expect anything else. Just being there is enough for her.

8. I miss her because she defines "love."

9. I miss her because she thinks a laptop computer is named "Grandpa." She sees me on it's screen more than in real life.

10. I miss her because I'm not with her.


Kristi said...

I miss her because she looks so cute in that hat that i bought her that i've never seen in real life.

Ron said...

Okay, for you wise guys out there, I don't really sit next to her ON her potty chair. She's on the potty chair. I'm on the ... never mind.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on the potty chair, but decided against it last night. I should have!

What a sweet post, though. She is loved!