Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not quite the way I had envisioned it...

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Thanks to the extreme cold and wind, lack of oxygen, and a screaming lung in the same place my friend Pneumonia settled a few weeks ago I opted out of the ski platoon this morning. The boys went but got pretty beaten up. They were skiing Loveland on the top of the continental divide and said the wind and falling snow made conditions very treacherous. Scott hung it up first around noon with oxygen problems that were giving him "heart pains." Chris and Jim hung in there a bit longer and just called me to say they've had enough. Tomorrow they are going to try to ski Vail where the weather is a bit friendlier. But a GREAT time is being had. The picture above? That's as close as I've gotten to a ski slope. I did, however, hike across Vail to an awesome pizza place called "The Blue Moose" last night for a late night piece of the pie. Yum! Anytime you can score good pizza ... you are having a great day! Maybe in your 20's - 40's you are meant to ski. Once you reach 50 perhaps you are meant to eat pizza.

I will research that and get back to you.


Anonymous said...

toph looks hairy!!

Ron said...

toph IS hairy!!