Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why do all good things have to come to an end?

Seriously? Why do all good things have to come to an end while crummy things tend to go on and on and on and on? You ever notice that or is it just me?

Today is the last "Vail day." The only ski's I've touched are the antique pair on the hotel wall. But that's really alright. I knew shortly after we landed in Denver that it was probably going to go this way. If your lungs ache at 5,280 feet you have yourself a solid hint that they aren't going to be any happier at 11,000 feet. So I've been just kicked back and hiking around Vail during the day while the boys ski and enjoying them during the evenings.

Honestly, they amaze me. When they lived in the same house they usually wanted to kill each other. Now that they are grown and living in separate cities they are best friends. I get joy just watching them walk together, laughing and enjoying the time. There is such great satisfaction in that to me. I actually remember a conversation I had with them on a few occasions when they were teenagers and in their "you stink" stage. I told them that my brother and I use to be like that when we were kids. And then one day we got together. We were both married. Life was very different from those high school days. And something just clicked. We've been great friends ever since. We'd each do anything for the other. When I told them that story I really thought the odds of that happening were minimal. But, to my great pleasure, I was right. Nothing could please me more.

So tomorrow morning it's off e-a-r-l-y to Eagle Airport where we drop Jim off. Then we high tail it across the mountains where our jet leaves DIA at 2:15. It's suppose to snow tonight both in the mountains and in Denver. How tragic would it be if we got stuck in the city for an extra day? Not too tragic at all.

And now a side note to God. (He reads my blogs faithfully.) Thanks, Father. Yesterday Christopher text messaged me from the mountain a simple "Thanks." He meant "thanks for the trip." If I had your phone number I would send you the same message. Thanks. The memories will last eternally. I am grateful. More than words can express. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

for my trip i want to go to italy!!

Earthy Mama said...

Big R,

Your posts always make me cry. You express in words what I think in my head.
I hated my brother growing up, he always got away with this or that, I never thought that we would call each other to commiserate about our days. But now he is one of my better pals, I sort of like the guy.
Now that I am a parent I hope the same thing happens for my kids, one day they will call each other on the phone and talk, just talk, like friends.
I enjoy your Blogs.

P.S Tell Deb, I miss her and I am using the Snuggli like crazy right now. Baby Gnat is teething, and just wants to be near mama!

Anonymous said...

"Why do all good things come to an end?" This, I actually know the answer to!

Good things come to an end so you recognize them when they are happening! If things were always like "the good times" then the good times would become the new baseline, and you would no longer realize how good you have it.

You can thank me later.