Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 Items or less... (Part 2)

10 Items or less that are just wrong and should be dealt with appropriately ...

- Every human being is allowed a minimum of 18 inches of clear "air space" around them. Violate the space? You get sprayed with "Pam" so you can just sliiiiiiiiiiide away.
- Stand at the "Red Box" for more than 5 minutes and get towed. No, not your car. You.
- Random dreams. Not so good. Dreams should be like going to the movies. You look at the marquis of choices, make your selection, have your dream.
- Pepsi means Pepsi and Coke means Coke. No, Pepsi is not okay. I ordered Coke. You carry 50 kinds of wine why can't you carry 2 kinds of cola?
- Mr Policeman, if you are going to take my picture at stop lights I should be able to take your picture at donut shops.
- You want to "save a tree?" Stop telling me to recycle my gum wrapper and go after the guy who fills my mail box with 50 pages of junk mail every day. Holy cow. Why hasn't Al Gore noticed this?
- Why should I have to PAY CostCo or Sams to shop there? Why should I give them my money to take my money? Am I the only person that thinks this is odd?
- Toll Roads = Evil. You KNOW we've paid them off at least 20 times and yet we keep paying and paying and paying ...
- Okay, tipping makes me angry. I do it because I feel sorry for the poor lady trying to raise 3 kids on minimum wage. BUT ... why can't restaurants pay their employees like most every other company does? Who told them it was alright to stiff their workers because, "Hey, let's let the customer pay them. Oh, and only offer one kind of cola too." What if the airlines did this? We'd be tipping the pilots based upon the delay (or occasional lack thereof) and how smooth the ride was. That means their families would starve. What if we treated surgeons this way? "Hey, Doc. The smaller the scar the more I'm paying you. So let's be careful down there, huh?"
- Gas stations that change prices 3 times each day. I don't think I need to say anymore about this one.


Anonymous said...

regarding the pictures of us at stoplights...
up here in wisconsin we're not taking their pictures at donut shops, we're taking pictures of mailmen at bars...yup our milwaukee postal men are getting drunk on the clock, leaving the bars and delivering the mail...and then i wonder why I'm getting all my neighbors mail?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

You are spot-on about Sam's Club/Costco. I get tired of hearing how much someone "saved" there. They don't take into account the money spent to spend their money there.

Also, when you buy the giganormous lasgna at Sam's Club (you know the one that is designed to feed the Duggar family on TLC - or something like that),and you and your spouse eat a serving of it at one meal, then let other 30#s turn green in the frig, I question your actual savings.

a wisconsin person

Ron said...

Hey Kate. I need your email address. send it to