Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Click The Link...

My son-in-law is better than your son-in-law. (If you have one.) He takes good care of my daughter and my granddaughter. Not only that but I happen to love him just because of the guy he is.

But I digress.

Joe is on staff at the 1st E-Free Church of West County ... or something like that. He's a tech guy. And he mentioned to me recently that my little blog ... the one you are reading right now ... is number 10 on the top referral sites for his church web site. We both thought that was funny. Then it occurred to me ... "WHAT THE ... NUMBER 10? Why just number 10? I want the whole enchilada!"

So would you do me a favor. It's free. On the right you will see a link to my "My daughter Kelli's church web site." It's listed under "Web sites I hang out at." Would you please click that link. Better yet, would you please click that link on every computer you own. Just for the next week. You see, I want good old Joe to check his stats and find our that my blog is now ... NUMBER ONE! I want him to totally be IN AWE OF ME! I want ... I want ... I want him to buy me dinner!!!!

Okay, that might be asking a bit too much. But do me a favor. Click the link. Pretty please? I'd really appreciate the help. :) And it isn't really cheating. It's just ... creative clickery.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

how many times do you want me to click on it????

Anonymous said...

i try to click on that link but i'm just so drawn by your awesome niece katie link... seems like one amazing girl! :] with one hot skeleton boyfriend!